Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Feeling slightly down the last couple of days. Really realizing that I need a change - something more fulfilling...... This "down" feeling will go away, but I know I that I need to start pursuing other opportunities.

Here's a good little list I saw on one of Amy Tan's pages on SIS:
(Not sure who to credit the list to....tried looking it up online, w/o success. Let me know if you find out who wrote it.)

1. Spread beauty.
2. Do what you love.
3. Love what you do.
4. Keep it simple.
5. Laugh out loud.
6. Go with the flow.
7. Be real.
8. Focus on the positive.
9. Do your best.
10. Just breathe.


  1. I hope life starts to look up for you! (((hugs)))

    I really liked that advice too, and I squinted at Amy's page, and saw that it was Bobbi Brown who shared the tips. I found this on her website: (scroll down to the bottom right)