Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Just for today" survey

I saw this neat survey on Jen Waters' blog. She got it off of Ali Edwards' site, I believe.

July 8, 2009
Outside my window... It’s starting to clear up after a brief rain shower this morning.
I am thinking... about many things. Namely, that I’m definitely grateful to have a job during these tough times – but I know deep down that I’m meant to do something more fulfilling, like working w/a non-profit organization, with the Office on Aging, or something along those lines.
I am thankful for... Family and good friends. And that I got to wear shorts to work today.
From the kitchen... I brought a frozen burrito for lunch. Sounds real yummy, right?
I am wearing... my black SIS t-shirt, denim shorts, and black/white flip-flops
I am creating... nothing right now. I have some wall hangings and things I need to work on for the hospice I volunteer for.
I am going... to Hobby Lobby on lunch. I need to get a birthday gift and some replacement blades for my paper trimmer.
I am reading... “Lost Boy” by Brent Jeffs
I am hoping... that this afternoon goes by pretty quickly. Looking fwd to dinner w/my mom and Alison at Twisters tonight (it’s a little mom-and-pop ice cream shop near my house)
I am hearing... people talking on the phone and typing
Around the house... I need to fold laundry and sweep the floors
One of my favorite things... is to have quiet time to read or scrap
A few plans for the rest of the week... Jonathan comes home from out of town tomorrow night. We’re going to a b-day party on the lake on Sat. aft. – fun!!.... Hope to get some scrapping done this weekend – I haven’t scrapped since Nashville!...Also hoping to plan our trip for our 10th anniversary in Sept.


  1. hahaha...I am wearing my Amy Tan shirt! This is a fun list! :):):):)

  2. Your dinner out sounds fun (as does the upcoming anniversary trip! :-)

  3. Oooooohhh great list!!!

  4. I love your list Erin! Have fun at your birthday party - it sounds like a blast! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. Miss Erin, you need to update your bloggzizzle. And yes, soon to come, Aimee in new shades :)

  6. ERIN! I found ya babe! Omg I am like *SQUEE* that a) I found ya and b) that you have one of the fun listies! I am totally stealing m'kay? :)